An Interesting Theory

Everyone has theories about lifestyle changes to make living with multiple sclerosis easier–some healthier than others.

“What Was The Middle Thing?”–Cognitive Problems in MS

When you go to the store could you pick up some eggs, spaghetti noodles, and lettuce?” my wife asks.  I’m looking right at her.  I hear her.  I understand every word she says and, in a millisecond, most of the sentence is gone from my mind.  Almost every word boiled off like drops of water on a hot pan.  “Store” and “eggs” held on, but all the rest are gone.  She sees the look on my face.  We don’t need words anymore because it happens so often.  “I’m sorry,” I say with some embarrassment, “what did you need me to get at the store?” Continue reading ““What Was The Middle Thing?”–Cognitive Problems in MS”

My MS Diagnosis Story-Part Two

NOTE:  This is the second part of my MS diagnosis story.  Please read Part One first if you haven’t already.

Continuing on my journey to an MS diagnosis, I was ready for my MRI appointment.  My initial appointment with my primary care doctor had yielded only more questions and, it seemed, only more possibilities as to what was wrong with me.  I look back at that appointment as an introduction to the uncertainty that MS creates and that my loved ones and I would become all-too-familiar with as it has become a part of our daily lives. Continue reading “My MS Diagnosis Story-Part Two”

My MS Diagnosis Story-Part One

The first step in my journey to an MS diagnosis was on a hot day in July of 2010.   By all measures my life was on the cusp of becoming absolutely fantastic.  My youngest daughter had just been born a month earlier.  I was dating the woman who would become my wife a few years later.  After almost a year of being unemployed, I had finally found steady work.  I was moving into a new apartment.  Things were looking up.  Things were moving forward.  I was bursting with optimism about the future. Continue reading “My MS Diagnosis Story-Part One”